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SoX Participants Map

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IRR Validation Notification FAQ

The following document provides a list of questions and answers for SOX Pariticipants to reference in regards to the IRR Validation Notifications.

I received an IRR Validation notification from SoX, what does it mean?

Notifications indicate an inconsistency was found with the bgp advertisements being received by the SoX Network and their IRR registration as populated and reported by the RADB IRR database.

How often will I receive notifications?

The IRR Validator tool will generate a new report on the first of each month. Notifications will be sent out following each report generation.

Will SoX block the advertisements that I have been notified about?

No. The notifications are purely informative. The SoX Network will NOT block any prefixes found to be invalid, but the participant runs the risk on an upstream ISP dropping their unregistered or incorrectly registered traffic.

Where can I see the RADB Database information being reported for my advertised prefixes?

Reported registration information utilized by the SoX IRR Validator tool can be found directly from the RADB website. A manual query can be run at

Where can I see the information being received by the SoX Network for my advertisements?

The SoX router proxy can be utilized by participants to see their advertisements.

Peerings to the 56MAR (Atlanta, GA) router:

Use the drop down command "show route" and insert the text "receive-protocol bgp" followed by your BGP point to point IP.

Example output:

..........................> show route receive-protocol bgp
grnoc_rancid@SoX-MX960-rtr> ...ocol bgp                      

inet.0: 415407 destinations, 439724 routes (21264 active, 0 holddown, 394308 hidden)
  Prefix		  Nexthop	       MED     Lclpref    AS path
*      20                 2637 I
*      20                 2637 I

How do I update or correct my registration?

  • Registrations can be updated with the source routing registries. A list of routing registries can be found here.
  • Alternately the SoX Network can update registrations by proxy. Open a general request with the SoX NOC here to learn more.

How do I stop receiving notifications for specific prefixes?

Notifications can be stopped by...

  • Updating or correcting prefix registrations with their associated routing internet registry.
    • The IRR Validator will no longer flag these advertisements as invalid and notifications will cease.
  • Submitting a general request to the SoX NOC here and request a notification exclusion.

Where can I find additional information?

Open a general request with the SoX NOC here and we will be happy to help.

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